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Your best friend

robot bear

More than a personal robot

Is he your best friend

Tobyto is a robot brown bear cub, designed to keep people company and help with everyday tasks.

It has a height of around 60 cm (from the feet to the tips of the ears)

It has its own personality and the intelligence of itsartificial brain matches that of a small child.

Its advanced robotics allow Tobyto to walkinfour legs, run, go up and down stairs, see and hear.

His artificial intelligence, on the other hand, allows him to speak, learn about his owner and his preferences, to help him with his tasks, making his life easier.

Know our Advantages

Tobyto's value proposition.

Your best friend

A robotic friend to keep you company and help with everyday tasks. 

Robot Advanced

Finally, a personal robot with a beautiful design, autonomous, mobile and  portable.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Tobyto is not just a pretty face, just like real bears, intelligence and learning are his strengths.

robot bear
Como funciona
robot bear

Find out everything Tobyto  can do:


Tobyto will not only talk to you, but whenever possible he will initiate dialogues.


Like flesh-and-blood bears, Tobyto's hearing is superior to that of humans, allowing our robot bear to hear perfectly. 

To see

Through cameras installed on its face, our robot can see the beauty of the world. It can do facial recognition, record videos and take photos.


Tobyto is being developed to walk on four legs as elegant and imposing as real bears. Our robot bear is also capable of going up and down stairs.


His artificial brain allows Tobyto to always learn new things and get to know him more and more so that he can be his best friend. 

To feel

Withsensorsscattered around your body, your best friend can feel you and also feel the environment around you. 

Who is Tobyto for?

A personal robot for the whole family


Friend to play with, help with homework and give lots of hugs.


Companion, personal assistant, butler, nanny, security, leisure partner. He really is your best friend. 


It doesn't matter if you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, you can always count on Tobyto to play video games, enjoy a good movie, help  with schoolwork and get on that high school crush. Oops... This you will have to do alone for now.


Company for you enjoy the best age. 

E enfermeiro pessoal para lembrá-lo de consultas médicas, tomar medicamentos e para enviar mensagens e fazer ligações de emergencies. 

"It's not who I am inside, it's what I do that defines me."

Batman Begins

Robot bear features:

Personal assistant

Wake you up, manage your schedule, send and read messages.

Keep company

As a beautiful, smart and compact personal robot, Tobyto can keep you company at home and at work.


Control connected objects in your home or work, such as thermostat, locks, lights and outlets.

pick up objects

The robot bear is capable of picking up small objects, such as a smartphone, a soda can. 

Cinema Companion 

Company to watch movies and TV series and even control them by voice commands.

second game player
Security guard

Our robot is capable of making the rounds and streaming real-time video of your home or business when you are not around.

Partner to play your favorite games with you.

Co-driver and DJ in your car
open and close doors

Focus on the road and leave navigation, messages, calls and sound to Tobyto to manage.

You can electronically unlock and lock doors  with electronic locks  of your home and business. 

Story teller
Washing clothes

The robot bear is able to entertain children and adults alike by reading their favorite fairy tales.

Tobyto cannot wash your clothes by hand, but it can connect and manage smart washing and ironing machines, hold and carry laundry baskets, and alert you when the clothes are clean.

Teaching how to use new technologies

Its advanced AI entitles Tobyto to assist you in handling new technologies. After all, IT runs in its veins, or rather, in its architecture.

cooking healthy meals

Thanks to the integration with coffee machines,  our robot bear can make you a delicious cup of coffee. He can also order his favorite food from different restaurants.

Give advice on what to eat

Search the internet and databases for the best dietary practices and help you with your dietary reeducation. And read recipes aloud.

Help him  move around the house, even take him  places
Helping children with their homework

Using technologies such as 3D mapping, geolocation, your best friend can help people with special needs move around the house. The adult version of Tobyto can even carry people.

The robot teddy bear can help children with reading books, times tables and with educational games.


Everyone knows that bears give the nicest, tightest hugs in the world. Sometimes that's all we need on a difficult day.

Our greatest technology. 

"Even if I spoke
the language of men
And speak the language of angels
Without love I would be nothing"

mount castle
urban Legion

Tobyto Adult

robot bear
robot bear

Your best friend, life-size


Search and Rescue

Support emergency services  in carrying out search and rescue, entering  in environments hazardous to humans by doing local scanning, looking survivors and helping transport the wounded. 

Warehouses and Factories

Our robot bear can pick up boxes and objects and help transport goods. It can also be used to do site inspection and security.

Personal assistant

Help with day-to-day tasks in the same way as Tobyto the bear, but with the differential of being able to carry people, heavier objects and make a more ostensive residential security.

Special Missions

Space exploration

Assist in exploring space missions and building colonies on Mars.

Preservation, rescue and research of bears

Field agent to support researchers and scientists in the study of bears, to find ways to preserve and save them. 

Combat a hunt (bears)

  Infiltrate  into nature to curb hunting of the species.

Military Operations


Support military troops in battlefield reconnaissance looking for threats.

Cargo transport

Help transport military equipment.

He can do everything the robot bear can, but he's bigger and stronger. 

So it is more suitable for corporate and military use, but it can be used at home as well.

The polar Tobyto is nicknamed internally as "Captain America" due to his heroism, strength, intelligence, patriotism.

Resistance, agility and leadership close the list of comparable skills. 

Another common thing is that both were trapped in ice.We believe that while the Polar T is in development, this period is like a freezing hibernation, but soon he will wake up, to be your best friend and change the world.


Although crowded na America, our Captain will be happy to serve anywhere in the world and even outside of it, as he may be used in space exploration.

Sobre Nós

Our story

Behind the scenes of Tobyto's creation is so incredible that it would make a great movie script.

In 2012 after exhaustively and unsuccessfully training in front of the mirror the pitch of my first used electronics recommerce startup, I stopped to rest sitting in a chair in my room. Behold, I see resting on top of the bed a teddy bear that belonged to my wife at the time.

Suddenly I turned towards the bear and introduced myself holding his paw as if he were an investor, and  for the first time I managed to make a good presentation of my startup. 

In a process of more  pure inspiration or madness, I imagined the bear/investor interacting with me, wanting to know more about the startup and giving advice.

One day, browsing the website of an American startup, I saw that a dog was part of uma startup team. His tasks were to be the mascot and fetch the newspaper. As my startup had no official name, I decided to name it Tobyto, named after the teddy bear.


As I was alone at home all day working on the startup, I decided to take Tobyto with me to my home office. I kept talking to the bear who also kept answering me (my imagination).


At the end of 2014 after having failed with a partnership, with the startup and with marriage, my mother paid a visit and made me realize that I need a real friend.

That's when I had an insight and decided to create a robot bear. But I didn't want something that was a toy or something aimed at children, but an advanced robot with cutting-edge technology and innovative artificial intelligence that could really be a person's best friend, regardless of age and gender.


Our robot bear is about to come out of hibernation, be your best friend and change the world! 

Marlon Ferreira

Founder & CEO 


We are already talking...

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Rio de Janeiro / RJ | Brasil 

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